The Mézières Method is a complete work on the body Self, an active practice made up of perception and precision gymnastics. The operator is a guide, just a companion: he will help you get in touch with the constraints of your body and actively free yourself from them. You will be rewarded for your dedication to yourself with greater freedom of movement, physical and emotional relaxation, improvement of chronic pain and visible body harmony.

By balancing the internal tensions of the body, it is possible to release the movement, making it more fluid, harmonious and less tiring for the muscles. The weight on the joints will be distributed in a natural and physiological way. The possibility of compression phenomena, wear and musculoskeletal overload is reduced.

Visible harmonization of body volumes, recovery of body alignment and symmetry. Many people also report benefits inherent in various aspects of health and well-being: digestion, reflux, circulation, improved rest and stress management.

The path begins with a postural and biomechanical assessment to focus on the primary needs of intervention. Chosen a body goal, you will be accompanied to resolve locks and tensions. Each session is different and the path progressive, adapted to your personal physical condition and the ability to control and freedom of movement you will have gained.

Massage techniques, attention to breathing and relaxation, stretching and active exercise are part of this rich method. I will also teach you some exercises that you can use on your own.