What do I need to bring to get started?

Your doctor's prescription if you come to me for a pathology. The history of medical-surgical interventions will be necessary, any instrumental tests can always be useful for acting in safety, whether it is for well-being or for therapy.

How many sessions should I do?

The number of sessions in case of pathology depends on the prescription of your doctor. If the path is aimed at well-being, stress or pain without pathology, the techniques I practice are ideal to accompany you for a lifetime. The choice is yours alone.

How should I dress for the session?

For the self-posture exercises you will not be asked to undress, comfortable clothes will be useful, preferably short. For the Mézières Method and Massage Therapy it will be necessary to remain in underwear. In case it is possible to wear shorts.

Can massage be done on people in cancer therapy?

Yes, absolutely, at any stage of the disease. It is scientifically proven that massage does not cure cancer but neither does it feed it. Applied with due precautions, there are advantages on the side effects of the therapies and on the psychophysical burden.

Are there any contraindications to manual treatments?

Yes. Infectious or ulcerative dermatoses, burns, wounds and abrasions, fractures and dislocations, obviously localized in the area to be treated. Serious cardiac pathologies, acute phase of a disease (e.g. feverish states), inflammatory vascular pathologies (e.g. phlebitis)

Are your sessions deductible?

Yes. Only in the case of massage therapy treatments and not for postural gymnastics. The doctor's prescription for therapeutic treatments is obviously mandatory.

What are your treatments for?

You will be able to deal with acute or chronic muscle and joint pain, your circulation and your gastrointestinal well-being. You will improve your sporting or creative performance. You will reduce stress, increase your ability to concentrate and mental skills related to attention and productivity. You will be able to work on your posture as a manifestation of a physical and emotional body experience, transforming the way you interpret yourself and be interpreted.

Does my insurance reimburse your treatments?

You will need to check this personally with your insurance company. Being private entities, each has its own list of professionals and reimbursable services.