Alongside studies on the locomotor system, which find maximum expression of integration in postural aspects, I associate the interest in scientifically based psychosomatics (PNEI) and in the bidirectional influences between body and mind.

My Philosophy

Accepting the need to live according to personal times and ways, not cultural or educational, is a fundamental step for improvement.

Messages from the body such as pain, stiffness, states of anxiety are the unmistakable voice of neglect.

Giving the body and mind, and therefore themselves, the space and attention they desire, brings enormous and unexpected benefits.


"A place for everything and everything in its place" said Benjamin Franklin.

Analyze the disorder, discover the nature of the problem and identify ways to solve it.

I view health as built on the balance and interaction of many systems. The good functioning of one, constitutes the physiological basis for the good functioning of the whole.

The body is never wrong, thanks to its evolutionary potential, it's up to us to direct it coherently with its nature.

My Mission? Accompany your body and mind without forcing, towards the most effective expression of adaptation possible.

Educational Background

AIFIMM - Istituto Superiore di Posturologia Neuro-Mio-Fasciale - Genova, via Galata 6

Osteopathic visceral manipulation - integrated treatment with the Mézières Method

AIFIMM - Istituto Superiore di Posturologia Neuro-Mio-Fasciale - Genova, via Galata 6

Self-postures and group treatment: from proprioception to isometric and systemic stretching.

AIFIMM - Istituto Superiore di Posturologia Neuro-Mio-Fasciale - Genova, via Galata 6

Static and dynamic biomechanical postural examination, specific exercises and massages for harmonization and balancing of muscular forces. Isometric and eccentric, systemic and analytical works.

Centro Studi Synapsy - Bergamo, via G.B. Moroni 255

Massaggiatore Capo Bagnino degli Stabilimenti Idroterapici (MCB)

Study of therapeutic massage, reflexology connective tissue, functional bandaging and kinesio taping, lymphatic drainage, physical therapies and support for the classic hydrotherapy activities of spa centres.


Association for Integrative Sciences

Master Life ltd - Londra, 34b York Way, UK

  • "Master in scienze integrative applicate" - Promote well-being, physiology, adaptation and development, practical methods and techniques to manage: anxiety and stress, emotional responses, psychosomatics, nutrition, behaviors and habits, choices and decisions, relational styles.
  • "Protocollo in 8 fasi per le emozioni" - Theoretical foundations and recent  discoveries on the subject of emotions and their functioning to manage every aspect of emotional reactions (nervous, metabolic, mental, bodily, relational system).
  • "Emozioni Isometriche" - Act at the origin of the mechanisms of emotions and adaptation (attack, flight, freeze, stress, pain, allostatic load, etc.) through movements and posture.
  • "Il ruolo centrale dell'alimentazione" - Know and manage the relationships between nutrition, behavior, emotions, psychosomatic disorders.
  • "Brain Networks" - Applied neuroscience, knowing exactly what happens to our brain, and how to support it, when it is under acute or chronic stress, when experiencing trauma or when experiencing moments of anxiety, anguish or depression. Practical and strategic applications to foster change.