The proposed exercises are inspired by Thérèse Bertherat's Antigymnastics. This powerful method has revolutionized the way we prevent injuries and improve health. Recent neuroscientific discoveries give it value as a method of controlling stress and state of anxiety. The course is developed in 10 sessions.

A method of recovery, prevention and maintenance of health to be learned and used in complete autonomy. Based on perception and understanding the body, it aims to increase mobility, vitality and self-confidence. Every part of the body is taken into consideration by this comprehensive and detailed method.

The physical aspect changes taking the path of authentic good shape, without forcing or impositions. Granted benefits for muscle and joint pains in general, but also for digestive problems, states of anxiety, insomnia, irritability, stress.

The movements proposed during the sessions are not muscle strengthening exercises, as one would expect from common gymnastics, but more or less small, precise and rigorous movements. They are performed to release tensions and lockings in the body.

You will use a number of simple tools such as rubber or sponge balls, wooden sticks and rods, a scarf, or your own hands. They are chosen specifically for each technique and body segment to be treated, and in line with the acquired or lacking body capacity.

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