Mézières Method

The Mézières Method is the major service offered. By working closely with me, you will seek Morphological Harmony, your ideal Posture, eliminating real pain and potential injuries, unlocking healing potentials and psychophysical development. Presence and Movement.

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Massage therapy is a practical accompanying health treatment that involves the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. Treats and prevents muscle pain, joint conflicts and improves visceral and metabolic functions. Relax and trust.

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Self-postural Techniques

Know your body and take care of it. Learn to exercise body perception and awareness, relaxation and self-massage, to move fluidly and effectively. Rebuild more natural psychomotor patterns, become autonomous in managing pain and stress.

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Personalized Treatment

You will receive completely individualized sessions, after a careful assessment of your specific condition. You will be actively involved to understand what we are talking about.

Know-how and Safety

Ten years of experience as an operator and teacher in the health sector. I am a therapist qualified to treat musculoskeletal pathologies on medical prescription.

Added Benefits

You will have hours of audiovisual material available for free. Exercises specially prepared to accompany your journey, accessible via password from the “video” section.